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DBS5900 Distributed Base Stations

wireless access device for the eLTE wireless broadband private network solution

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As leading AI

We strive to push forward the frontier of AI computing, accelerating the development of AI industry with customers across the globe.

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In a burning building or a crowded shopping mall. Wherever you work, our equipment is built to keep you connected

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Servers Engineered for agility

Designed to securely and efficiently scale core operational workloads and AI applications across hybrid cloud


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We are privileged to be partner with the best Combining strengths and our deep expertise, we deliver solutions that drive greater outcomes for our customers.

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We work with our customers to address obstacles before they become challenges, delivering solutions that keep communities safe and businesses running smoothly. Our customers rely on us and we're committed to being there for them.


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DDOS Attack Simulation

Test Your Resilience with DDoS-AS

DDOS Attack up to 36Gbps

Enables organizations to test the limits & the efficiency of DDoS prevention systems prior to a real DDoS attack

BTS Hunter

designed to detect and locate “fake” cellular networks

BTS Hunter

It can alert the users on possible interception and tracking.

SIS hardened mobile phone

uses extremely strong point-to-point encryption, which is impervious to MITM attacks

SIS hardened mobile phone

provide secure access, which protects from specialized spyware that use zero-day exploits to intrude and infect OS

CryptAnalysis System

used to defeat cryptographic security systems & gain access to the contents, even if the key is unknown

CryptAnalysis System

Successfully broken crypto algorithms used in communication networks like GSM, Thuraya, Iridium, INMARSAT etc. Special Algorithms like DES


Used in National Security, Law Enforcement, and Business Intelligence functions


Much value to Analysts who use Non-Sensitive Intelligence in answering classified, unclassified, or ..

Brand Intelligence

Protect your brand from external threats

Brand Intelligence

Act fast with real-time monitoring of brand attacks

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